Sunday, June 12, 2005

Happy Saturday

Yes! i am again bloging about Saturday again. This show how i appreciate my weekend off ;). The department sla had been seeing red for the whole. Oh yes! IT's a deparmental record for the department. All thanx to the superb work scheduling. NOt to mention the work schedule should be nominated as the world fastest changing schedule. Can u believe that in a month. There have been about 7-8 time of changes on the work schedule. Dam sien with it edi. After so many the complaint the management still never learn. Sigh!

Anyway after a great nite yamcha with the gang at Station 1. This morning sleept like a pig until 1 something receive a call from Felice. Later going to meet in Sogo. The gang going to bring me to get my advance Bday present.

Previously been bug ask by Felice on wat kinda of present that i'll love to get on my Bday. I told her myvi :p. She said go for something which is within their budget :P. So going to getting something that i never own before.. perfume. Fetch Felice from her place then went to Sogo. Took lunch 1st at sushi king. Then the shopping spree begin. First stop the watch shop. Afoi bought a Seiko watch. Then from there onward u will see Afoi showing off flashing his brand new Seiko watch once in a while :P Then two the perfume stall. Went from stall to stall.. After a while of looking around seems like tak jadi beli because of doesn't meet the so call value buy factor.

Felice suggest to go Lot 10. This was my 1st time parking in Lot 10 and it's a very headache experiance coz need to round and round up to the floor. Jit tau blur case.

After few hours of smelling perfume at last found the 1 which i like. IT's ..... drum roll please! .... .... tada! Aqua Di Gio :D.. Thanx GUYS! Afoi also bought perfume which most love and appreciated by Princess.. Davidoff ;p. After that Felice and Princess went on a shopping spree :P. After spending some time there we proceed to sunway for steamboat session. Here we go again. I need round and round to the ticket booth :S

Reach the steamboat restaurant. There were alot of people. We waited for awhile for place before we were seated. We ate and ate untill too full but it was worth it and enjoying :D.. After the makan session we bid farewell and went back home. I fetch Felice back while Princess fetch Afoi back.

My Birthday Present :D - Haven't use the perfume, still in it's packaging coz wanted to wait for my birthday 1st.
Aqua Di Gio Back Front

Aqua Di Gio Front Back


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