Saturday, June 11, 2005

Advance Bday Celebration

Working.. working.. but going to have my rest soon.. It's casual wear for today as today is a Friday. It's friday again. The weeks seems pass kinda fast when u r ACTUALLY very busy :P. For this month everyday seems to be a busy day thanx to the stupid new schedule and schedular GOOD job :/.

Started work at 3pm. Start off with a lengty call. The user hdd was out of space 0mb and it causing all her windows application running abnormally. She ask me to help her to do house cleaning on the hdd. I kinda glad at first to get such call but at the end.. THe user onli have 10gb hdd and most of the diskspace were occupied with her daily application. Advise her to get an upgrade on her hdd but she still don't want to listen and ask to help her to clean up those unwanted stuff in her system. I tried my best to clean some of her rubbish. At the end successfully free up to 600mb. She was kinda happy to see that she got some space to do her work.
After that follow up a case. The user is from singapore but somehow end up in parkistan. WHy i'm i bloging about this? It's because i spend about 1 hour plus with this user just to setup his outlook? WT.. u must have said in ur mind. THis is all thanx to the user speedier connection. Each time i wanna do some changes. I'll need to wait for about 5 min. But luckily the hardwork didn't goes down the drain as i was able to solve his problem at the end.

Then later on the company messenger saw a flashing mesg. Later going to have a birthday celebration for may and june babies. Too bad couldn't attend the cutting the birthday cake session coz was on call tat time. ANyway kinda happy got pampered by my colleague. They gave me 4 small cakes. I eat 2 then pass 2 to ck and felice.

Later at nite. Together with felice went to join ck and afoi for a yamcha session at Station 1. Then during ordering i were blame for making them full from eating the cake. I'm innocent leh. How can such a small cake make a person full??


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