Saturday, May 21, 2005

Something gOes WRONG!!!!

After came back from a day out with my cousins. Have to prepare to go out for a dinner session. AT last i found out from mom that i'll be going to dad's friend daughter bday dinner?????????? Huh?? Wat happen nar? :/ How come i get invited to such party?? I don't even know her daughter??????

Anyway went to the dinner.. and seems like the dinner have turn into a party. Grab a chair and sat down. Seriously wat i did in the party i really do sat down. Didn't do anything much except grab some foods and drink for my parents from the table and eat. I can see alot of underage teenagers in the party. Guess wat.. all of them are all only 15.. So i guess not much mixing around i can do ;p. Just sat there with my mum. While my dad go over to his frens to chit chat. Then got a call from my fren, Kenny asking to go yamcha later on. After 1 hours plus sitting on the same chair. At last tHe birthday girl decided to cut her cake. Yes! at last time for me to go back ;p.

Reach home, went to yamcha with my fren Kenny and also other fren including Hou Kor. Chated for a while then head back. Got into my car and reverse my car out of the parking box without much looking at the rear mirror.. Then i hear a loud bang from behind!!! I started to swear! Shit! ^$%&$&$&%^uking #$@#$@#$@#$#@$.. accidently reverse and hit a car behind. WT!!!!!.. got down and check my bumper and backligh.. phew! everything seems fine.. Then go over to the car that i bang.. the headlight seems abit damage.. The owner said so how? Told him lor settle lor wat else?... He check his stupid light and see some crack and his stupid bumper abit scratch. Then one of his fren say maybe pay some yamcha money lar.. I say okielar.. straigh away took out RM50.. THen the guys said okie.. Then i straight cabut before he change his mind. Halfway i think i might have over pay them.. Oh well.... another pricy lesson that i pay to learn :/


Blogger sk said...

Fei,next time plz becareful lo..

12:50 pm  
Blogger fei said...

yalor :/. will becareful next time not to bang too hard :p

12:00 am  
Blogger fei said...

hehehe..just joking.. will definately will becareful.. don't intend to donate too much of money. thanx for the concern :D

12:01 am  

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