Saturday, May 21, 2005

Cousins Day OUt

After a night of DOTA in office :P. Reach home around 4am i think. Took my shower and still couldn't sleep. Watch HITCH. Then dunno around wat time i doze off.

THis morning around 12pm. Got a call from my cousin, dt. He just came back from australia for a visit. Asking me what time wil i be going to meet up with him as i have already agree early on to bring him go kl to buy some computer stuff. So... looking at the clock on the wall.. told my cousin will come and look for him either 2 or 3pm coz i still need to continue my sleep. After hang up the phone i hurry back to my nice and soft bed. Slept until 2pm then woke up and took my shower and proceed to my cousin house.

Before that need to pass by grandma house to help mom pass something to grandma. At grandma place.. my other cousin, ww and jk. They are my much more younger cousin and they somehow found out that i'll bring dt to kl. So they inisist to join in the trip. Bring them together to dt house. Fetch dt then proceed to kl. Park my car at Berjaya Time Square then proceed to imbi plaza. Dt wanted to buy an external hdd case. Brought him to my ex boss shop and bought the case.

Then proceed back to Berjaya Time Square for dinner. Brought all my cousins to the place where normally they will agree to go. MC ;p. Help them to order and serve them :/. After that, I look at my watch nad it's 5.30pm and told them. It's time to go back home coz need to follow my parents to some dinner function and also they need to use the car. So all my cousins said ok but i know that they don't want to go back so earlier coz their facial expression show that they seems to reluctant to go back home ;p.

Fetch everyone back. Then proceed home.. So i'm at home now but gOing to go out later for some dinner.. Just thought of typing something here since long time didn't update my blog. :P


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