Thursday, May 05, 2005


Today is a special day as wat other ppl said. It's because of the number. 050505. I guess is true tat today is really a speacial day. This week i'm working morning shift. Went to work around 8.15am and reach office 8.40am. I'm early to work :P.

I thought work will be the same as other day. But i was wrong. Around noon. I receive a white envolope letter from my team lead. Shit! i thought wat letter isit. I open it up and i saw the letter is a work confirmation letter. Yes! at last i got the official confirmation letter that state that i'm now officially a confirm worker. :D. Can enjoy my al edi :D

Other then tat. IT's the same day as other. The see the time. TIme to go back home again. Yeah..


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