Saturday, April 23, 2005

Yeah!! At last off On Saturday

After two week working on Saturday. I got back my weeekend off tat's on Saturday. Get to sleep until 12pm. Online for awhile.. chat with DV. DV invite me to go swimming but i can't go coz dunno where did i put my swimming trunk and need to get a new swimming trunk but will be meeting his gf and him later on for movie. Then Afoi call up and said go walk walk in time square with princess. So went to time square with afoi and princess.

Around 4pm went out from my house to pick up afoi from kepong then proceed to pick up the princess.. when reaching princess place.. the weather suddenly started to change from clear sky to become dark and stormy. It started to rain. The weather got worst after princess go inside the car. Heavy rain.

With my plofessional driving skil we arrive to time square safely and park my car. The so call shopping spree begin. Princess force drag me and afoi to hang ten shop to get pinky polo t-shirt. ;p. So start to choose the pink shirt and test it out. Afoi was the lucky one who is luckily enough to get a pinky shirt. Too bad i'm not that luckily to get the pinky polo t-shirt :~(. So princess said she will help me to get one from jj near her place. My hope on getting a polo t- shirt now is on princess hand.

After getting the shirt. Proceed to McD for some heavy light meal. Eaten then went to go walk around. From here onward afoi's personal shopping spree begin. Went to magic ring. Afoi bought some poker card with different design. Then somehow we pass by a video shop. We went in and afoi bought some magic vcd (thanx to me). Princess also bought some old vcd movie. After tat we continue our han kai kai and some how our feet brought us to the entrance of the newly open border bookshop and somehow afoi manage to buy a book from there too. The content of the book is about magic. It's good book and not to mention it is selling at a reasonable price too.

After walking around. Time for princess to leave to her function. We escorted princess to the main entrance of time square and waited for princess fren to fetch her to her function. After princess safely got into the car. Call up DV ask where is he. Said reaching soon.

At last after waited for few hours min. We can see DV shadow and DVgf shadow. We proceed to look for place to have dinner. Yes.. afoi and i went for second round of meal :P. After walking up and down. Decided to go to kenny rogers. We eat and chit chatted. Afoi even trying to show off demo some of his magic skill.

Proceed to gsc to watch movie. Got free ticket. Thanks to DVgf we can watch free movie. We select to watch a not soo popular movie, Couch Carter. It's a show talking about how a basketball couch go the limit for his team. It's a nice and interesting show. After the movie ended. Decided to go for a yamcha session at coffee bean in kl plaza. Afoi and me went to fetch princess from her function place.

Meet up with DV and DVgf at KL Plaza. Proceed to go to coffee bean but too bad they are close. Luckily start buck were still open. We grab a table (2table actually) and sat down. Chit chated for awhile. Then time to bid farewell again. DV fetch her gf back. While i fetch princess and afoi back home.


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