Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Specially 4 U ;)

"You are like the sun that will shine and brighten up my days" -fei-

"You will always be my moonlight who will shine me a way and accompany me through the night" -fei-

“Time seems in a stand still when you are not around” -fei-

"A day without you seems like a thousand years we have apart" -fei-

"Being apart is a test of love" -fei-

"Earth will move, day will change, but my heart for you will never change" -fei-

"Your sweet voices bring joy to me, your sad voices bring tears to me, so be happy always" -fei-

"There's no better greeting then a smile from you" -fei-

"Love sometimes seems as fragile as a glass; do handle it with care and respect"

"To miss you is the greatest obstacle in my life that I have to over come" -fei-

"You are my cure to my loneliness, without you I’ll be doom” -fei-

"You are a thief in disguise because you have just stolen my heart away” -fei-

"I’ll never be 100% perfect as you aspect me to be but for you I’ll try my best to be one" -fei-

"Cheers and be happy coz ur smile always melts my heart away" -fei-

Just free to steal use the quote ;) to make some one happy :D


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