Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Luck or Unlucky Thursday

Today is a public holiday, Prophet Muhammad'a Birthday.. but tooo bad it wouldn't do me any good coz i need to work on this day :(. But luckily i start work around 2pm. SO early morning went out with the guys (afoi, bento and dude.. all of them off on this public holiday). Went to play badminton in kepong. We kinda sucks after errr.. few month didn't play badminton. Btw Bento and Dude brought their toy gun along to show off ;p. We are like small kids learning how to play badminton :P. We reach there around 9.20 and start playing until aroun 10.20 then went to have breakfast. We decided to go for dim sum at Taman Megah. On the way there we stop by bento office.. so he can punch in to act as if he edi went into work and after tat continue heading to Taman Megah. We had a nice dim sum session. THen around 11 somthing reach home. Rest for awhile then took my shower and went to work.

AS usual no pc for me to use.. Need to search around for a pc to use. At last found 1 pc and start to login and start my work. Then later on.. shit! i forgotten to bring my wallet to the office. BUt luckily i drove and keep some spare change in the car. DOn't know it's lucky (there's money in the car) or unlucky (forgot to bring wallet). Then time for dinner and for today i'm schedule to eat alone. Went to get my car and drove to the mamak stall near my office. TOok out all the money from the car coin tray and phew.. there's rm7 for me to use. TOok out the rm7. Went to the mamak stall. Order a nasi lemak biasa and a limau panas. The dinner cost me about rm3+. Yeah still got abit of money to save. After taken my dinner went back to work. Look at the clock. YEs.. going to 11pm soon.. BUt.. before i can leave the phone suddenly rang and i got stuck with the user and spend about extra 1 hour to help him to settle his problem. But glad able to solve his problem. SO reach home around 12am somehting. Yeah.. dam happy to reach home .. TOok my shower..then did some backup on my pc. GOing to prepare to format the hdd soon...


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