Saturday, April 09, 2005

It's weekend again

Wooooo! It's weeekend again! It's Saturday again. But this saturday i am working :(. Feel very lazy to go to work. Woke up as usual .. not morning 5am something but noon 12 or 12.30pm. :D.. Yeah! Been working afternoon shift for this whole week. Can sleep late and wake up late. Today start work abit late. That's 3pm.

After took my shower. Had lunch with my mom. Then proceed to work. Before that wish mom to have a pleasant holiday coz mom will be going on holiday for about a week. Sooo nice ;p. Hmmm wonder how's my week going to be without my mom. No one going to cook. But i got the solution for it. Go tah pau or maggie mee :D ;p:P.

Reach work on time but shit make a wrong decision to park in the parking lot coz need to pay 1st before enter. Luckily only pay perentry not perhour if not i'll definately going to curse the parking attendant ;p. (kiamsiap ppl toking)

Went in to the office. Login and start work. Wow... wat a busy day! Busy doing nothing ;p. But some of my colleagues busy doing something stupid to those decoration inside the company. Whole day only able to answer 3 call :D... Luckily got some monthly quiz for me to do to occupied my time or else.. i'll be bored to death.. (can u believe me saying i'll get bored?? ;p:P;p).. then later on around 8pm.. went out for dinner with my colleague. Come back around 9pm and back to work.. busy with my quiz thingie until 12pm.

Around 11 somehting receive a call from afoi asking wat time finish work and where wanna go where. Told them to go back wong kok char chan tien lor. Meet them up in wong kok. I didn't order yingyiong hk style (coffee mix tea) this time. I order a kinda tall glass drink call dunno wat peach edi ;p. We drank and chit chated. Talk back about our secondary school old time. Then after awhile we went back.

Then reach home can't sleep 1st coz still got something for me to do. Need to fix my comp. My comp suddenly can't startup into windows properly. I thought i'm doom this time coz didn't have any back and need to reformat my hadd and lost all the data. It happen all because of my itcy hand go change some setting and suddenly the setting corrupted the windows and make it not too stable. After few trial and error of changing back the settting to normal. Walla! at last .. error free.. can boot up to windows again. Yeah!!!! soo happy coz noneed to reformat. A leasson i had learn from this.. always backup ur data 1st before changing any system configuration. (but i'll just know how to say but dunno how to follow ;p)

If not i wouldn't have time to blog here edi ;).. Oh yah! nearly forgotten during yamcha at wong kok, our veli veli beautiful KungJUuuuuuuuu (princess) in whole wide world keep on promoting her newly bought pink colour sandal. Saying it's very nice. Since she like to promote her sandal so much i'll just help her to promote it over here.. KUNGJUUUUuuuuuu sandals are very nice. Veli nice. Please take note of her sandals when u see her next time ;p:P.


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