Sunday, April 17, 2005

It's saturday again

It's saturday again!!! Oh!!! Yes i'm working today. Woke up around 1pm. Hurray!! mom is back from her holiday.. Yippie lunch on the table :D.. Took my shower. Prepare myself. Took my lunch. Around 12pm. Receive a call from my cousin. Asking me for help on some house survey coz need to meet some quota. She is now doing some phone survey thingie for some survey company. So sit down at the living answering some questions ask by her. After that .. shit! it raining cat and dog. Took an umbrella from the house and go down. The wind was blowing ferociously. Look at the watch... shit! 12.35pm.. going to be late edi. Since i can't afford to wait any longer. Quick open the umbrella and hurry to my car. My shoes was all wet!

Went inside the car. Quickly start the car engine and drove to work. Seems like it isn't my day. Traffic jam. At last reach office compound. Park my car and went up. Faster login and try to look for something to do since it's saturday. Luckily the call queue isn't high. IT will be low coz it's WEEKEND. Time pass by kinda slow.. as slow as a torties.. But luckily got something to do. Drying up my wet socks and shoes. Not too mention busy playing some games from But i do pick up few call.

GOt an unexpected call.. the phone number showing office number.. woundering who is calling. pick up the call and it was jw and asking for company messaging id. Told her my company messaging id. Then she hang up and we chat over the company messengger..Yeah.. dinner time. But GOing to have dinner alone today.. So quickily invite jw out for dinner. Luckily she is free to go out. THen went out together with her for dinner.

After that came back and continue back with my game from work. Then answer another few calls then time to go back yeah! Saw ah gum gum online. CHated with her for awhile..THen go back :D

IT's raining cats and dogs
Raining Cat's and Dogs

Dried Fish


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