Monday, April 25, 2005

Interesting Monday

Went to work as usual but abit early coz this week i'll be working 1.30pm and yes.. i'm still in the afternoon shift. I have been working the whole month on afternoon shift. Kinda enjoying it coz can sleep late and wake up late. Not to mention free parking :). But just only for today as i was driving into the parking area i saw a "free" parking space available and i quickly drove to the parking space so i wouldn't need to wait until 11pm to go back. After reach office. The 1st thing that i'll be doing now is hunting for pc to use. After running up and down to search for a pc. At last i found 1 pc which available so i quickly login and start work. Then found out from my colleague that today is australia and new zealand public holiday. Woohooo! it mean only one thing. The call queue for the afternoon will be low or normal coz all the agent is online.

But once reach until nite where lesser agent online. The call queue become high again. Alot of ah neh neh users call up to ask for help. Busy answering the call until my dinner time. Went out dinner with my colleague. Chit chated about working life. Then go back to work. After picking up few more call. Then check the time.. Yeah! it will be 10.30 soon. Can go back edi.. Then suddenly the environment in the office started to change from hearing normal phone ringtone.... I can hear "fire in the hole!" "go! go! go!".. the sound sounded so familiar. Since it's the time for me to go back i logout from my system and then quickly search the source of the sound. I found that my colleague is busy playing cs. Then few more ppl join in the game. They are playing a network cs in the office. Way to go!

Suddenly my colleague sitting beside me call me and said my hp is ringing. I hurry back to my place and saw i got miss call and voicemail. Listen to the voicemail and heard it was dude and her gf on the other line. Call back dude. We chated for a while. After i end the call. My colleague sitting beside me ask me to faster go copy the cs game into my system so that i can join in. Without delay i copy the cs game into my system and launch the game and started to connect and play. All of us played until 2am then only go back. At last i found a good reason why i must wake up everyday to go to work :p and not to miss it ;p


Blogger afoi said...

shesh!!!!!!! syiok nya.... nvm.. i get my W.o.W pass already.... but first..need to reformat notebook..shesh..

1:22 pm  
Blogger fei said...

hehehehe :P yeah! being playing cs for 3 nite in a row ;p

4:53 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wah, ask you go work also must find a good reason one ah? somemore your good reason is to play cs??

1:34 am  
Blogger fei said...

hehehe :P

11:11 pm  

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