Friday, April 22, 2005

Friday! Friday! Friday!

Friday.. Friday my weekend mood is going to be enable soon. Todays work was busy and fine. Call was as usual lottttt. Many call from ah neh neh country. SInce i'm working afternoon. I wouldn't be able to join the gang for dinner later on. :(. Anyway life just go on. Work until 11pm. Call afoi up see where they all.. Say yamcha at princess place. Then i tell to my self ""I'M SOOOOO LUCKY TO HAVE SUCH CARING FREN TO YAMCHA WITH ME. SOMEMORE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT ;) =p"". See the clock on the monitor, 11:00:00. YEs.. time to cabut. Go take my car from the parking lot. Then got a call from afoi say not so early going reach coz princess fetchig her flen chris back.

On the way to princess place. I try my best to drive as slooooow as possible to princess place. I even jia jia lost my way to princess palace place. After reach princess palace place. Look at the time and it's still early so park my car. Got down from my car. Walk walk around the park. Then get back into the car again. LIsten to the music. At last princess and afoi arrive. I drove out my car from the parking lot and give my space to princess.

Then proceed to the near by mamak stall. Sat down. Order drink. Then suddenly came a girl into mamak stall. She went to a group of indan guys sitting next to our table. At 1st didn't really take note but after awhile. Can hear the girl said that she been beaten up... bla bla bla.. beaten by bunch of guys.... bla bla bla... in her whole life of (hoi pin) involving in fight never been sooo sisy before beaten so bad.... bla bla ..for more info pls read up afoi's blog on the conversation. Quickly drink our order drink. We haven't properly warm up our chair then have say mai tan edi coz dun want anything bad to happen later. Drove back to princess palace place. AFOI the gentelment accompany princess go up. I just waited inside my car. After that fetch afoi back home and i proceed to go home.


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