Saturday, April 02, 2005

Dinner with Bento

Today work was as usual busy. Wouldn't talk much about work coz it just basically the samething as the other day except maybe on some day u will have something interesting happen during working hour. Today shift was on afternoon. So finish work aroun 11pm. Supposely i'll be having dinner with mou lei Bento and also with the most limited edition/extinct beautiful KUNGjUuuuuuuuuuuu in the whole wide world aka ck or princess.

Last minute she sms said can't come coz tired. Suddenly got feeling like it's a april fool joke from kungju. Then okilor finelor since this is not like last minute fong fei kei ;p.. So still stick on with the plan and went out dinner with mou lei Bento. Wait i should change the dinner to become supper. Coz the time we went for the dinner was around 12 something. I drove straight away to bento place from my work place. Fetch mou lei Bento then proceed to somewhere near pudu there (dunno the place name) to eat. It's so call famous place to eat chicken rice and porridge recommend by kungjuu. I order pei tan kai si juk while bento order kai fan.

The food there was okie. After some chit chat session then proceed to go back home. When mai tan (paying). Bento generously offer to pay for the bill . Fetch mou lei bento back then go back home straight and start to pack my stuff for tomorrow morning company trip. I'll be going to Genting tomorrow morning :D. My first company trip in this new company.

Bento, Thankx for the juk :D.


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