Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Busy Day

As usual... same as any other day.. woke up around 12pm.. Took my shower.. No lunch to eat for this week (mum on holiday) .. So do a scan in living room and search for something to eat. Found twiggie :D.. Took the twiggie and eat it as my lunch.. Then went to office.. Login in and start my work.

The call queue was high.. It were no stop. Been answering call for the whole day without any actuall time for me to lepak.. except for dinner. Went out for dinenr with my colleague.. Pitty him fall sick edi.. Most probably wouldn't be seeing him tomorrow.. got the feeling he will be mc. Then came back shit!.. the call queue still high... Then suddenly pick up this sacarstic auntie call (as usual is a singaporean) ask for help.. Try to help her out.. But she act as if she know anything... Let her critic like hell.. Then after giving her few solution to her problem. At last i'm able to end her call.. then continue with few call then time to go back. Any happy to able to chat with a fren in msn which long time din contact edi. Even if only for awhile. It able to cheer me up just to able for a few min :D.

Drove back home.. Took my shower. Watch Wash my cloth using the washing machine (including few day back cloth) then hang it.. LEt the moon dry the clothes. Then proceed to came online any blog abit..


Blogger afoi said... busy huh ?? g'luck to u then.. jom.. bfast on thursday!

10:38 am  
Blogger fei said...

lai lar

2:09 am  

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