Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tremor In Malaysia!!!

It's happen a again. Earthquake had just struck Sumatera again but luckily so far no known casualties. In Malaysia the tremor was felt almost every place.

For me this is my 1st time encounter with the tremor. I think i felt the tremor around 12.15pm and tat time I was answering some call when the tremor happen. I can feel the the office buidling shaking including with the windows blind. At first i thought i didn't have enough of sleep and because of that i feel dizzy. After checking it out with my colleague he also feel the same and also checking with Afoi. He told me tat his place also can feel the tremor.

After a while the security guard came up and ask to evacuate the building and leave all the work behind. So together with all my colleague we went down. Waited outside of the building for about an hour before we are given permission to enter back to the building. During the time when we are outside. Everyone including me were busy calling back home and also to frenz to ask about the situation and condition. Then later on got the news from vincester tat Sumatera was struck by major quake measuring a magnitude of 8.2. Hopefully no major Tsunami coming soon and also hope frenz from Medan and Singapore are okie.

Currently i'm back in the office continue with my work. Now have to try my best to stay awake until the next morning :zZZZZ. But before tat. Will be going for my supper break :D. Can relax for awhile 1st.


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