Friday, March 18, 2005

Summary of the last whole weekdays (not weekend)

Just wanna say something. Last working weekdays was kinda relaxing for me. Coz i started work around 2pm and end work aroun 11pm. SO basically i was just enjoying waking up early in the morning but not for the whole week coz on Tuesday and Wednesday become my grandma drive. Accompany her go renew her passport and also collect her passport =).

After working awhile on afternoon shift. I found it working life in the afternoon is much more slower pace compare to the morning shift. Another thing nice working in the afternoon is i'm able to park for free. The bad thing is can't sleep early ;p and miss the night life.

Basically that wat i did for my whole weekdays and didn't go any where on friday nite. Miss the chance to join the gang for a drink.


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