Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Suffering Day

After successful staying up for the whole nite. Went back around 8am. Didn't take breakfast for this morning coz need t rush home to have enough sleep for my later afternoon shift around 3pm. After reach home. Quickly hurry to the bathroom to shower then quicly hurry back to my bed and drop dead. Slept until around 2pm woke up and took another shower and prepare to work. Luckily this time when i wake up i doesn't feel any headache except very sleepy.

Dress up myself then went out and reach workplace around 2.40pm and park my car beside the workplace. Reach inside the office ngam ngam 3pm. Login and start my work. From here onward u will see me once in a while busy using my hand to cover my mouth. But luckily the call queue wasn't too high so not tiring. Around 7.30 went out with my colleague for dinner. After a hard day work of listening online my fm and mix fm it's finally 12am. Yeah! after working for about 18 hours with about 4 hours break at last i can go back home again. Go get my car and quickly drove back home. Took my shower and online for awhile and go to sleep.


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