Sunday, March 06, 2005

On a relaxing sunday talking back on yesterday long long long long saturday

wooohoo! a day to enjoy and relax. able to wakeup late today.. yippie! :). no training no nothing. just stay at home on a sunday afternoon. doing nothing much except bloging and watching movie later. yesterday went out until around 4 am reach home.

yesterday was a big day for our ck jie jie and bento kor kor. went to celebrate ck and bento birthday. wat a happening and enjoying day. the saturday was a nice day. able to fully utilize the day. early in the afternoon around 1pm together with afoi meet up with an old fren, nick to have a lunch and oso to do some catch up. we meet up in mid valley. the place was choosen oso becos later on that day around 3pm going to meet up with another fren, elen to tok about some business oportunity.

went out around 12.30pm reach mid valley around 1pm something. before tat mesg afoi to tell him tat i'll most probably be late coz stuck in jam. but it turn out to be afoi oso haven't reach yet. anyway when reach mid valley went to park my car at zone H. then came out from the sushi king side. start to call to afoi to ask where the heck is him. afoi said still inside the ktm and going reach mid valley soon.. and afoi ask me to call nick and meet up him 1st. since doesn't have nick num, ask afoi to pass the number. after afoi pass the number. quickly dial the number and ask where is he now. he said he is in mph. so i just went down to look for him. after meeting up with nick. afoi call up to said that he reach mid valley edi. then ask to look for a place to eat. then suggested to go to pizza hut and eat. then proceed on the pizza hut. there to queue up and order the new pizaa (forgotten the name edi). it's the one which have the cheese at the side.

while queueing up.. chit chated with nick.. then afoi show up. he is not alone.. (nope not with a gurl). he show up an ex coursemate, mr ck (not to mistaken with our ck) he just coincidently meet with afoi and afoi invited him to come along for the lunch. after we have been seated. the food was serve. we enjoy ourself. then chit chated. after a while fanky show up for the business proposity with elen. i think around 3 we bid farewell the mr ck and nick . then proceed on to meet up with elen at deli flance. upon reaching there we were introduce to uncle Y. uncle Y interested doing some kind of business with us. not going to disclouse much here. it's P and C. after much sliva spraying from the uncle y. we told him will get back to him late

the uncle oso decided to end the meeting around 6. we quickly bid farewell to the uncle Y and quickly proceed with our plan to get something for ck and bento for the dinner. so we all came up with getting a cake from "secret recipies". bought the banana chocolate cake. (yum! yum!)

then around 6.30pm went to fetch lenglui vip, goon cake. after fetching her. proceed to go to tamarind hill. on the way going there. i lost my way and need to trouble cucumber girl to come and look us to lead us to tamarind hill. after successfully reach tamarind hill. we seated our self and our ck started to make order. dunno what she order edi coz couldn't see the dishes at all except for the green curry chicken. the food there for me was kinda okie. the nicest thing of all eating at this restaurant is the surrounding. after waited for about 20 min the food was serve and everyone started to enjoy the food. after everyone was full. chated for awhile then the bday cake was serve. after lighting up the candle. ask ck and bento to come near to the cake and everyone started to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY song to both of them. both of them blow the candle and cut the cake. after everyone eaten the cake. we have a problem. dunno where to go next. but luckily we have to choices. either go sing K or go CLUBBING. dunno why at the end the final decision is go clubbing (never except some of the guys will wanna go clubing) but it was a good choice though :). for me i enjoyed myself ;).

so everyone went clubbing at RUM JUNGLE. the place wasn't as happening as other place but still u can see alot of action from the guys and gurls.. (ck,goon cake,cucumber girl,bento,afoi,vincester,fanky and me).. wat a happening nite.. u can see alot of butt shaking and body shaking ;p not too mention some idle mode dance ;p. the happening nite come to end around 2 something. so gurl and guys, when wanna go clubbing again? ;p ;)....

.......ooops! draft this post too long edi. forgot to post it earlier on. ;p


Blogger Dude Vincester said... now addicted to clubbing already lar? when you want to go again? hahaha...

11:12 am  
Blogger mighty bento said...


3:10 pm  
Blogger fei said...

sure sure.. why not? ;)

9:27 pm  

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