Friday, March 25, 2005

MY Pc Fair Day - Day 1

Today supposing to be my off day and also for tomorrow. But because i was call up by my ex-boss (vincester current boss) to help him out in Pc Fair for 2 days. So no rest day for me but luckily noneed to wake up soo early as my normal work day.

Woke up around 9am and somehow miss the 1st train to go to putra so i leave with no choice but to wait for the second train. Call up vincester and ask him where is he now but seems like he will be reaching late too coz he over slept. So told him tat i'll go into the fair 1st.. Reach pwtc there around 11pm. Meet up with my boss not the boss which call me up. Then help him out to setup the booth and also help him to bring the goods from the loading bay into the fair.

Then later vincester came. He came much more later then me coz he sleep kinda late last nite coz helping out to assemble all the notebook for the fair. When the fair started we someone how still in the middle of setting up the booth. It's kinda in havoc situation.

After a while the situation cool down. Together with vincester we grab a chair and sit down and watch other staff to do their work while both of us work on troubleshooting on some of the demo notebook which is still having some minor problem.

The first day of Pc Fair isn't very crowded but still u can see alot of ppl. Oh yah one thing nice working in Pc Fair u can see some lenglui aheemm.. those show girls.. ooops i mean those promoter girl whereby they wear those sexy dress to promote some of their product. This time isn't tat much lenglui promoter compare to previous Pc Fair. Booth to look out for this time is Ipod and Creative Zen. Nearly forgot to mention the Intel girl oso not bad ;p. Do keep an eye on those small both some of those small booth do have some nice promoter girl too. (Sorry couldn't take any picture coz phone no battery.. isk! isk!). Btw for girl no worries. U can also see alot of lengchai. Just keep an eye open to scan around ;p

Can't imagine how time fly as u were jia jia busy doing much. Together with vincester help the boss to do survey on wat's the best bargain tat the competitor is giving ;p. After few hour's of doing nothing much and helping out. IT's time to pack up and leave.

This time the organizer wasn't sooo liner as last time where they give u longer time to pack up. Before we can actual pack everything they off the light. :S. Quickly hurry to pack all the goods and transfer it to the loading bay.
Then waited for another boss try to drive into the loading bay. Wasted alot of time during this waiting coz got alot of confusion and lack of planing.

By the time everything is settle by tranporting back all the good to the hotel. It's 11 something. Vincester and i quickly hurried on the the ktm station. We bought our tix. After a while of waiting for my train and still having see any sign of the train coming. Vincester help me to check out the last train ride. Seems like i have miss my last train ride :(. How unlucky of me but luckily for vincester the train that he going to board end at 11.40 so he told me tat i follow him back to his house then he fetch me back. Phew luckily.

Then later on, after reaching Vincester home edi. Waited for her gf to come over. We went out for a late nite supper before Vincester fetching me back. By the time i reach home it was around 3 something.

I'll like to say thanx to Vincester for fetching me back :D


Blogger Dude Vincester said... did you enjoy yourself that day? lucky for you lar..the last day was so damn busy!!

btw, my eyes are very clean after pcfair..kekeke

8:21 pm  

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