Sunday, March 27, 2005

My Pc Fair - Day 2 and a Geat Saturday Nitez

Reach to pwtc late again ;p. Woke up late but able to reach to my boss hotel to help in transporting the good to pc fair. Each time taking the hotel leave is like sitting inside shaker coz it will shake abit. This time the booth was able to be setup on time. Today there's alot lot of ppl came to visit pc fair.

My boss dealers which incharge of selling the notebook were able to sell alot of notebook on the same day. Not sure about the total amount. Same as yesterday, together with vincester we went for price survery from the competitors and then report back. While we were doing this we were able to get some freebies like blank cdr and pen.

For me this time working in pc fair is the most simple job coz noneed to stand infront of the counter for the whole day to sell the notebook :D. Not to mention i got of time to go walk around in pc fair together with vincester. For today i'll be so call working half day and also my last day working in pc fair. I wasn't require to work until the pc fair end coz i edi told my ex-boss that i'll need to attend a frenz dinner party :D and will be leaving around 7pm.

Around 7.15pm i leave to petaling street, Halo Cafe to meet up with cucumber girl and also others. Cucumber will be the big boss for tonite. When i reach outside of pwtc it was raining and since i didn't bring along my umbrella i have to get wet. I took the star lrt to the masjid jamek then walk to halo cafe going through the rain. Luckily it wasn't heavy or else i'll be all wet by the time i reach the cafe.

Once i reach the Halo cafe. I saw everyone (bento, afoi, cucumber girl, ck, ferleech) eating away. So i join in and order something to eat. After a while of yapping around. 3 (lengchaiz) guys band came on the stage to perform. Their performance was surperb and cool and not too mention the 3 guys is lengchai too as told by the girls and afoi.. Oh yah nearly forgotten to mention the bartender is lengchai too (our ck had her eyes all the time on the bartender coz he look like jay chow) ;p. Then later on got another lengchai came on the stage to perform.

Have a great nite there by chit chatting and listening to the music sang by the band. We sat until the shop close. The main reason why we sat until the shop close is becos the gurls wanna make used of all the time to adore those guys in the band. Then after tat we went back. Ck fetch me home. Yeah! got chance become a passanger ;p.

After i reach home. Took my shower and try to stay up as late as possible so i can sleep late tomorrow sunday coz at nite i'll be working nite shift :(. Hope i wouldn't fall alseep.

Photo of the day :D.

Photo taken from the hotel lift.
View from inside the hotel lift

Photo taken from the hotel room
View from hotel room

Da 3 Little Princess
Da 3 Little Princess

The 3 Talented Guyz Band
The 3 Talented Guyz Band


Blogger sk said...

Why no one mention my leng zai bar tender? (is it call bar TENDER?? haha..) He look like Jay Chow 1... aiyooooo..

10:20 am  
Blogger fei said...

lenglui.. pls reread the blog again or pls read carefully... i did say ur lengchai bartender call jay chow ler... "Oh yah nearly forgotten to mention the bartender is lengchai too (our ck had her eyes all the time on the bartender coz he look like jay chow) ;p"

2:28 pm  

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