Sunday, March 13, 2005

The missing sunday (13/3/05)

This is my missing blog entries of 13/3/05 that i wanted to blog about wat happen to me on that sunday (not this sunday). I actually wrote it out and draft it out last week but somehow dunno why the page didn't got drafted and lost all the mesg :(

I guess i wouldn't able to recall much of wat really happen but wat i can recall was i went to work on a sunday morning. TO work?? can u believe me going to work on sunday again :P. Started my work around 8am then end my work around 5pm. The sunday was a weird sunday. Why do i call it a weird sunday coz it's refer to the calls that i receive.

For the whole sunday I was able to receive few normal call and two weird call. First call is about helping a user loging a call to a support team but the problem is i'm not sure which team able to help out the user and no one seems to know the call should route it to which team. Walau! took few trial and error routing here and there and at last able to route it to a team but until now still dunno did the team took up the case or not ;p. Then later on got another weird call. A user call up said her laptop is having some problem and need some help. After determine the user problem. Found out that the user will need to have a support team to assist her but the problem it's weekend so support team is off on tat day so there wouldn't be anyone to help her. User said she need the problem to be solve urgently and suddenly she have a nervous breakdown. She cried. So no choice and feel pitty, with best effort i try to assist her .. . then also help her to route the case to the support team.

Then after few call answering. Yeah! It's 5pm. It came the time to go back. Time to meet up with afoi and ck. Already plan to meet up in mid valley.. so went there. Reach there i have to lower down my status to become ck fei yong.. serving along side kulim (afoi). So follow ck to look for her ideal bday shoes but couldn't find the shoe she like. After awhile bento arrive to join the fun. Went to eat dinner at little penang. The food there was??? errrrr.... For me was just okie okie. But the shop decoration was kinda nostalgic. Somehow it remind me of melaka. Everyone order errr dunno wat siamese laksa edi. It taste something like a normal kari laksa mix with asam laksa + abc (with few slice of banana??) while bento order rice plus dunno wat edi :P.

After we took our dinner. We went for another round of window shopping. This time ck able to find her dream shoe. Waited for few min there for the sales guy to clean up the dirty shoe lace. After that continue to walk for a while. Afoi went to toy r us to search for some playing card. But wasn't successful not until he went to a shop named room. He bought an extra large playing card. Guess how much?? It's about 90 bugs just for a card.. I guess this is call sacrafice for something u like ;p. Then after bought the card. Proceed to go yamcha session.. at 1st wanted to go to kim gary but full house. So we proceed to go star bugs to have some drink. We chated and took some photo coz afoi busy showing off his new card ;p. After awhile in star bug we bid farewell and went home.

Yo afoi! How's ur new extra large playing card? CK when wanna show of ur new shoe??


Blogger afoi said...

still going string in my collection box.. :P

9:19 pm  
Blogger afoi said...

still going strong in my collection box.. :P

9:19 pm  

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