Saturday, March 12, 2005

A kinda DiD nothing and slow saturday

WOke up around 10am something. Did nothing. I was actually trying my best to sleep until 12pm but seems unsuccessful. Just went to shower. After shower did nothing for a while. Then took my breakfast, lum mee. Mom tah pao it from a near by restaurant. Enjoy the lum mee by watching kung fu hustle for a while. I borrow the vcd (btw it's ORI not pirated) from afoi last week. After eaten my breakfast. I did nothing again. Then saw a newspaper (SINGSINGNEWSPAPER) in the living room. At last i found somehting to do now. Bring it inside my room. Flip through it. Then after a while of flipping the newspaper. I'm back to doing nothing again. Then scan through my room. Yes i found another thing to do now. Go near to my pc and start to click on the browser. Then did nothing again. Dunno where to surf now. Then suddenly my blog pop into my mind. SO i'm here now in my blog typing something ;p. Must find something useful to do later and must make use of my saturday coz tomorrow i'll be working. Replacing another colleague. Hmm wonder how my day will be for tomorrow.

Another reason why i'm here is wanna welcome our Hou Kor (ED) into blogging world. NOt to mention to promote his new blog. Here's our how kor url ED - ViSioN wiThOut ActiOn Is iLLuSioN


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