Monday, March 21, 2005

Just another same day as another day

Sien nor. Have to wake up early again! Today woke up very blur coz yesterday nite sleep kinda late. Do u believe me if i said i stay up late at nite just to watch national geographic??? I was watching this interesting documentary about US the human. It's about the human evolution. Interesting documentary but didn't able to finish it coz the show was kinda long and i need to sleep.

This morning just woke up as usual. Took my shower then dress up then went to work (on time);p . Start my work with a tough call. THen later on follow by call from ah ne ne country. I always have this issue where the ah ne ne user wouldn't understand with what i'm saying or i'll be facing problem with their thick slang.

ME: Ham Puk service center. good afternoon. this is ah fei fei. how can i help u?
Ah neh neh: Yellow! Yai am. Ah neh neh.
Me: Before we proceed any further can i have ur working id pls?
Ah neh neh : 9394967
Me: Please HOLD ON while i get ur details...
AH neh neh: Okie, Here's my issue is bla that blablabla and blabla.....
ME: thinking *which part of the hold on u don't understand lar??*
Sorry Mr Ah ne ne, can u pls wait! while i get ur data. Thanks.
Ah neh neh: Wokey, my issue is ... bla bla bla. and bla..this.. bla
ME: *Arghhhh!* OKie sir.. *faster thinking a good way to make the ah ne ne understand wat i am saying* Please wait sir while i get your information?
Ah neh nehL Oh! ork ork sure sure.
Me: Found ur data. R u MR ah ne ne?
Ah neh neh: Yai am harving pc problem.. Could u blablabla..tat and..bla bla
Me: Okie, Ic (hmmm wat the heck did u tell me?). Okie.. Seem like u will need the local it help then would u like to log this call the local it support team?
Ah neh neh: Suure.. Sure
Me: I'll give u the ticket num rite now.
Ah neh neh: Ticket? Me no ticket. DOn't ticket i have any ticket.
Me: *Isk! :S* No Mr Ah neh neh. I mean i'll provide u with the reference number for ur case??
Ah neh neh: U want my phone number?
Me: Mr Ah neh neh i'll just explain again tat i'll give u a reference number so u can follow up with ur local support team.
Ah neh neh: OH.... I see. Thanx
Me: Mr Ah neh neh.. anything else tat i can help u?
Ah neh neh: WAt u say? Sorry I don't understand u.
ME: *ISk! blur! :S *. Anything else that i can help u with?
Ah neh neh: Okie. bye bye... tut.. tut.. tut..
ME: *Wat happen nar???*

Then after few suffering call from ah neh neh user. At last time for me to say bye bye. Happily finish all my work then proceed to go back. :D


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