Thursday, March 31, 2005

Idiot Parking Attendant

After a hard day work i should be happilly be going back now but too bad. I'm now stuck inside office and can't go back and now the time is 12.30am. Wtf(renchfries) the stupid parking attendant still taking care of the the parking lot. OIiiiiiii!!! balik rumah lar. Ur working hour is from 8am to 11pm onli leh. Now is 12.30am edi go back lar..

Why am i complaining? It's because i park inside the parking lot and i don't intend to pay ;p:P;p. Hehehehe ;p. Normally i'll have free parking (noneed to pay when i go back home coz the parking attendant normally would gone home edi by the time i finish work). Don't know why today the guy is extra hardworking. I guess will need to wait for awhile before i can go back. Luckily i am not alone got few of my colleague waiting together with me for the parking attendant to go back.

I guess i'll just continue with surfing this site :


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