Monday, March 28, 2005

Blur Blur Day

At last manage to stay awake for the whole niten until this early morning.. It was suffering like hell. Finish work at 8am. Went to have breakfast with my colleague. Then go back home take my shower then quickly hurry to my bed to sleep. Couldn't sleep very late. Woke up around 2pm. Shit! Headache and very very blur. Try to sleep back but can't sleep edi. So wake up and go surf the net and read some online newspaper.

I was kinda blur to do anything. Then after awhile i feel sleepy and decide to take my nap :). Then sleep until around 6pm. Woke up, this time i feel much more better doesn't have any headache edi. So went and take my dinner. Didn't got the appetite to eat rice. My mom cook me some mihun to eat. Eat the mihun then watch some chinese drama series on astro. Around 9.30pm went and took my shower and went out around 10.30pm to go to work.


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