Monday, March 28, 2005

Blogging from Workplace

Yeah! This is my first time blogging from my workplace :D. YEs u didn't hear me wrongly. I'm working tonite. Wanna know why i have time to blog? It's because i'm working nite shift and also thank to easter holiday not much user from aus and new zealand user will be calling to the center :D. But one thing bad is i wouldn't able to sleep. I miss my bed ;p. Don't know why I'm feeling kinda sleepy now. Feel like want to close my eyes and sleep. Currently i'm listening to my fm while typing out this blog :D.

This Sunday morning i try to sleep as late as possible. I were sleeping until 2pm then wake up and this still can consider my earliest. Last time i can sleep until 3pm ;p. After waking up came online to check my mail and do some update on the blog. Mostly today i spend all my time today on blogging :D. Not to mention read some newspaper. Today can say my relaxing day after 2 day of hardwork working in PC FAIR ;p. At last i'm able to spend some time doing nothing at all. Then later got a call from afoi saying ck wanna go dinner at wong kok char chan tien. So i say no problem and meet them up around 9pm so i can straight away go to work after tat. After went to take my shower and took my dinner.

At around 8.30pm i receive a call from afoi saying ck just fetch him and they are on the way coming. I went to take my car and drove to wong kok char chan tien. Meet up and start to order something to eat. Everyone order the same thing, Yin Yiong (Cam = tea mix with coffe. This is hong kong style. The cam taste not bad. Like it. But the food there for me was okok. Afoi order fat lan sai chau fan and siew har kau and ck order chicken wing. While i order the ju pah burger. Then later on order friend fries. We eat and chit chat for a while :).

Around 9.30pm we bid farewell and go back while i proceed to go to my workplace. So i'm now in my workplace now. Making use of the time by blogging :D


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