Sunday, March 20, 2005

Balik Kampung

Went back to my grandma house in KKB. It's located in Selangor and it's somewhere near Frasier Hill. Went back with my parents. My dad become the drive. Basically just went back there to visit my grandma :D. It's take about an hour drive from my place to my grandma place. Did nothing much in my grandma house except i got a chance to watch F1 live on tv :D.

One thing nice going back to my grandma place is able to just enjoy some relaxing and quiet life ;) without any much distraction from my so call high tech stuff like my pc ;p and also not to mention noise pollution from the near by construction site.

Then in the evening my dad brought us out for dinner. After tat we went back to my grandma house. Rested for a while then proceed to head back to pj.


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