Saturday, March 19, 2005

All nite out On a Saturday

At 1st this saturday will be a different weekend where i'll have something to do. Go and play bowling. But since someone seems not free . ahem.. oi ;p and also someone not soo interest ahem....ben... ahem... to ;p.. So woke up around 12pm. Then wait! wait! like dejavu again (same like last saturday doing back the same thing which is doing nothing). Went to the kitchen to brush my teeth. (for everyone info i have been brushing my teeth at the kitchen basin since i was small) Then took my shower (in the bathroom, ofcourse). Then took my breaklunch. After that time to move back into my room. Sit infront of my pc as usual. Did nothing again. Hmmm. dunno why couldn't find anything interesting to do with my pc. Then went to read online newspaper, da sing sing and also just surfing the net and wait for the nite to fall.

Then saw afoi online and chated with him. Talk about wat to do later. He said he might not able to come out or onli can come out for yamcha coz mom came edi and need to be good boy and accompany his mom (real reason is his mom bising bising edi so very hard for him to go out ;p). Afoi even suggest to go without him or exclude him from the yamcha session later. So sms ck and ask her how the plan later for the nite. Ck also call me and discuss about the the plan. After my dinner i came online again and continue chating with afoi. After ahwile my handphone rang. IT's bento. He is asking wat time will i be going out coz he wanna tumpang my car and he also inform me tat afoi is coming. SO told him around 9 and i continue my chat with afoi and ask him is he coming later and he sais yes (i started to wonder wat really make him change his mind to come out and risk of getting lecturing from mom). Ask him how come suddenly decided to come out. Then he said he just come out although risk we wang wang from mom. Later on i receive another call. IT's vip (goon cake) calling me. Then ask me can fetch her or not. I said ok.. Then she said her sis also wanna tumpang coz going near by the place tat we going to yamcha. I also said mou man tai... Then i quickly hurry to the bathroom to shower. Then preparing myself to go out. Then the phone rang. It's bento he said he edi reach at the lrt station near my place. I went to get my car and drove to the lrt and pick up bento and proceed to mid valley to fetch vip and her sis.

After fetching vip and her sis. Proceed to the destination place. Errr... at 1st dun really know the place name except it's somewhere near thaiclub or somewhere in between esplande and ......(dunno wat club edi). Drop vip sis near passion then proceed on to look for ck and afoi near the last time parking place. During this time. I think CK feeling unpatient with someone edi ;p. After few driving around of the rum jungle area to wisma uoa and playing cat and mouse at last able to meet up with ck and afoi. Went to park our car same place as last saturday then proceed to the sum pei yamcha place. When reach there turn out to be 12SI. :S.. We seated ourseld outside of 12SI. After drinking half way suddenly rain. But we still continue with the drink until it rain heavily and we have no choice but to shift to inside of the cafe. Then continue with another round except me.. got jao mok edi so have to pass the second round. Then after few chit chat time to cabut. Walk back to the parking lot then we all bid farewell. Then fetch bento back and also the vip back ;p.

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