Saturday, February 05, 2005

Yesterday Morning Blues!

Yesterday was a errrr.. how should i describe it?? not a smooth day :/. Woke up as usual tat's around 6.30pm. Did my usual stuff to prepare for work. Then come to the very sad part. Around 7 something went out of house to go to work edi. So i head toward the car park to get my car. WTF(renchFries)!! I saw my car front wheel tyre "pancit" edi (sorry ar forgotten how to call pancit in english edi? =p isit call flat?). Since i feel there wouldn't be enough of time for me to change the tyre and drive to work. So i decided to take our m'sia inconvenient public transport. It's kinda time consuming for me too. 1st need to go the bus stop near my place and wait for the feeder bus to go to the lrt station. After reaching the lrt station bought a tix to go Bangsar station. Inside the train i meet up with a college fren. Chit chated for awhile until i reach Bangsar station. Then from there need to wait again and took another feeder bus to my work place.. sad to say this time. i was LATE!!! arggggh!! Faster! faster sneak inside my workplace to start work. Then my OM saw me..

*feel a tap on my shoulder and i turn*
OM: What time did u come in?
ME: eRR...(faster think of a nice time. the time on the pc desktop was showing 9.25 edi) around 9.10.
OM: OKie
ME: Sorry for coming in late.. coz today my car got problem so need to take public transport. (showing an innocent face to the OM)
OM: Ic. okie... (he seems sastified with my answer then walk away)
Me: Pheww! (faster faster start to act busy edi.. waiting for call to come in)

Then during my work. I was able to chit chat around coz today the call volume wasn't too high. I had this funny conversation with afoi where u all can find it in his blog or u can click the url Private Chat. Yesterday the whole work day for me was kinda nice except the early morning part. Not much call to pick up.

After finish work. I waited for ck to fetch me go for K session. Coz edi plan to go sing K together with her,afoi,bento and ferleech. Then later on during the K session vincester came and join in the fun. During the K session, can listen to ck and ferleech sing some sad sad chinese love song. Not to mention got a chance to hear bento sing (some part of) machi-jump2003 song . not bad! not bad!. Surprisingly this time afoi didn't runway he oso did sing some song (after got force and pursuaded few times ;p). yeah! way to go afoi!. Vincester and me sang some english song. Over all the K session nite was enjoying and fun :D.


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