Thursday, February 03, 2005

Winter time in Japan

Here's some picture of how winter look like in japan. My fren who is currently study/working in japan send me some of the pic. enjoy ;)

Real ABC in the making.
Recipe for making ur own cheap cheap DIY Ais Kacang

things needed.
1. a scope of snow ( errr. depend how much snow u want)
2. Milk, Syrup, Peanuts, Etc (all this depend how much u want to put in)
3. 1 * Bowl ( get a large bowl if u need to share with someone else )
4. 1 * Spoon ( maybe more if u need to share it with someone else)

Method: 1st get a scope of snow from outside ur house (if ur place is cover with snow now ;P). Then put it inside a bowl. Pour all the indigrent inside. Like the milk, syrups, peanuts.. anything u like to have inside ur ais kacang. After finish putting all the require ingredient, arm urself with a spoon. UR ais kacang now is ready for consuming. Warning!! pls follow this recipe at ur own risk ;p. Will not be held responsible for anything happen to u ;p

Area cover with snow :).


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