Tuesday, February 01, 2005

What is the purpose of toll in malaysia highway?

I guess these should be the purpose ;p :

  • to make us (driver) suffer?
  • to make us to have a high blood pressure in our body system?
  • to make us stuck inside the jam?
  • to have a parade of diffirent type of cars found in malaysia?
  • to have a chance for us to look inside the passanger of another car?
  • to show off our "touch and go card" ;p?
  • to have a snack or meal?
  • to change our big note money?
  • to have a chance to chit chat to the person sitting beside us?
  • to have a chance to watch movie on our car vcd player?
  • to have a chance to listen to our favourite song on our car player?
  • to learn how to swear and curse to the max?
  • to make excuses when we reach to some place late ;P?
  • to do our private stuff? e.g dig gold (nose), scratch ahemm, etc?
  • to test our driving skill?
  • to look at nice car?
  • to look at lenglui (for guys) or lengchai (for gurls)?
  • to have crams on our feet coz step the break too many times while queuing for the toll?

Before toll

After toll

Further abit from the toll


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