Saturday, February 26, 2005

This Saturday and Last Shirterday!!

It's Saturday again and it isn't a good weekend for me coz need to wake up early today. Why? Because I was suppose to have training around 9am in my office. But after waited for an hour in the office I found out tat the training session got cancel. My colleague who was waiting together with me decided to call the trainer to ask why he still haven’t show up. My colleague said the trainer got lazy to come to office and ask to have saturday training to be cancel and have another training session tomorrow. That’s on Sunday :(. What the heck!!! Need me to come on sunday also? I guess I wouldn't be enjoying myself this weekend. Busy! Busy! Busy! Since it's Saturday it's remind me of something that I suppose to do or blog about what happens to me last Saturday, 19/02/05 .

Last Saturday was kind of errrr.. How should I describe it? A shitty day?? It started with a normal and peaceful day. I was able to sleep late and wake up late :) coz don't have work but can't sleep too late coz later on tat day need to go to a Jack house to “pai lin” and also to celebrate her bday too. When the time to go out. I prepare myself and went to get my car. By the time I went down to get my car, one of my fren, Hou Kor have edi reach my place coz he wanna follow my car. Then together with Hou Kor i drove my car to the nearest lrt station fetch 2 lenglui, May Sin and Shi Shi and errrmmm a lengcai name, Afoi??

Then after fetching everyone from the lrt station. Proceed to go to Jack house to “pai lin” and also to go for her bday dinner later in Klang. After reaching in front of Jack house everyone got down and went into the house to pai lin (but I think everyone main purpose is to get angpow) ;p.. Then after spending few min in Jack house. She invite us to a restaurant in Klang to celebrate her bday. After reach there and settle down and waited for some of Jack fren to arrive. The food was served. The first dish was YEE SANG. Then something funny happen after the rest of food was serve. Everyone sit quietly and patiently as if waiting for something to come. Everyone was waiting for the rice to come but seems like Jack didn't order rice coz she told us “eat lar, pei min abit”. Then everyone blur blur start to take the food and eat. Pity Hou Kor who eat jai. He couldn’t eat anything much except for the Yee Sang (without the fish inside). He is a pure vege guy. The food order by Jack contain meat so Hou Kor couldn't eat. After Yee Sang, he basically just sat down there and watch us eat. After everyone finish eating, just sit down for awhile and chit chatted with each and other.

After awhile the bday dinner session ended. Together with my fren we proceed to go back to my car. Once everyone got into the car. Everyone could smell something wrong inside the car. I suspect someone might have step on shit before entering the car. After driving half way away from the restaurant. I decided to stop the car at the side of the road. To find out the cause of the smell. When the car stop. Everyone quickly open the car door and jump out (step out). Everyone quickly check the bottom of their shoes for any sign of SHIIIT... Guess who's the lucky one? ME!! tat's rite.. Me!.. Since i was at the road side and it's kinda dark. I couldn't find a nice spot to clean the shit out of my shoe. So one of my lenglui fren suggest go to the near by petrol station to clean the shiiiit...

Everyone got back inside the car and the smell inside the car wasn't soooo nice. It was soooooooo smelly tat the smell can definitely beat the stink bomb. After driving for few min. At last reach the petrol station. Everyone quickly got down from the car and i start to do the clean up. I roughly clean the bottom of my shoe 1st then took out the car mat and i saw a small pile of gold (shit!!). Without delay i took some tissue from the back seat and use it to wipe the shit. Then bring the car mat to the water tap to clean it. After few washes at last the shit came off abit. But there's still some tiny portion of the shit still stuck in it. Since I don’t have the right "tools" to clean it. I just try to use the tissue to wipe it off. When the mat look clean. I use the tissue again to dry the water and put it back in the car. While I was busy cleaning the shity stuff. The gurls were busy taking photo of themselves.

Afoi was kindly enough to went into the petrol station kiosk to get me an air freshener.. wait!!! I should call it a body spray. The brand was Impulse. Why he got a body spray instead of air freshener coz wat Afoi told me tat the petrol station kiosk doesn't sell any air freshener. Anyway if u were in my smelly situation.. Anything that smell good and nice will do fine. As long it's not smelly shit. So Afoi start spraying it into my car to clear off the shit smell. At 1st after afoi spray the body spray. The smelly smell was able to cover up. So everyone got back into the car and i continue my journey back to Jack houser. Before reaching Jack house. Another problem occur. The shit smell didn't go away it came back. We have to wind down the window and Afoi busy spraying the body spary once in awhile. Then suddenly something happen. While i was shifting (pls read carefully and dun be mistaken the word with shitting) my car gear.. my arm accidently touch Afoi. Afoi suddenly got freak out. He freak out coz he felt something like muddy substance from my arm and he touch it and he notice straight away it was SHIIIIT... everyone some how panic. The gurl sitting behind started to pass tissue to front to Afoi to clean the shit out of his arm. Then I ask Afoi how come got shit on his arm? Then he ask me to check my arm and I notice.. shit!!! The gurl oso start to pass tissue to me. I oso took sometime to do clean up. Then Jack suggest to go to her house to clean up. Afoi and I were kind of happy when we reach Jack house coz able to do some clean up :). Before we went into Jack house. We gave her a surprise by giving her a bday present tat bough by Afoi, Hou Kor and me.

After the clean up. I bid farewell to the bday and continue with fetching other back home. After fetching two leng lui back. I can still notice the shit smell was still there. So i told Afoi and Hou Kor tat i'll need to temporary go back home to do some clean up 1st before fetching them back. After reach home. Ho Kor bid farewell to me and Afoi coz he park his car in my house. I got down from my car. Took out the car mat...i went to my car trunk and took out a torch light and start to torch at the car mat and around the driver seat.. guess wat i found?? There's still some shit stain stuck on the mat and at the bottom of the car door and oso the car metal pieces!!! I quickly took some tissue from my back seat and start to do some shit wipping!! I used up the whole box of tissue and still unable to clean the shit stain of from my car.

So I decided to bring up my car mat into my house 1sr for a clean up and also to change my shoe since there's still some shit stain stuck inside!!!! after went into the house. I started to do the clean up. I started of with my car mat. wat a terrible experience. While cleaning the mat u can still smell the shit!! Luckily I have the toilet bowl brush for me to use to brush of the shit stain from the mat. I put dam a lot of washing on the mat! i brush the mat as if there's no tomorrow. After successfully clean of the shit stain. i quickly rinse it few time and finally the shit stain is gone. Then I proceed with clean the bottom of my shoe. It’s a terrible experience. When I was cleaning the bottom of my shoe. I can still smell the shit smell. I use back the same method as I use to clean the car mat. I put a lot of detergent on to the shoe bottom and brush and brush my heart out!! I was dam happy when the shit stain got off from the shoe bottom.

After the shoe are clean. I proceed to clean the bottom of my car door. I sacrifice my tooth brush for this cleaning. I think I spend about an hour on this cleaning from cleaning my shoe, and also the car door. At last!!! The shit smell and shit stain are gone!!! I was soo happy :0). But there's a new smell now. Body spray smell. Although its smell but it's a nice smell ;) Phew!! Luckily the shit smell is gone now. I thought the shit smell will stay inside my car forever.

Before fetching Afoi back. We went and have a yam cha session with ck. During the yamcha session all of us were busy toking about the shit issue. Wat a smelly topic.

Hope this kind of luck wouldn't happen to me again! Btw i did go buy 4D. I bought my car number plate. But too bad didn't kena :(.

Oh yah. Before i forget. You can also check out afoi's blog on this shit issue by clicking the link ahfeifei's "wai sui SI"

Incase you all are wondering how the shiiiiit looks like. Here some pic i took ;p

Some portion of the shit that still stick on the car mat!!!

Here's few pieces of tissue used to wipe the shit of the mat!!!


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hahahahahahahha its VERY detail.... LoL..... good one !

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Blogger fei said...

hehehe... thanx :). ofcourse lar detail coz this is something tat wouldn't forget easily ;p

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