Thursday, February 17, 2005

Some Catching Up To Do

Opss!.. wat day is today?.. seems like i haven't been updating my blog much ;p.. have been kinda lazy busy. Last week until now have been a lazy busy day for me. Yeah! last week i was able to go back to my grandma house in KKB, Selangor to celebrate cny :D. Phew! luckily i was able to get leave during cny if not charm lar will need to work during cny. Why do i say lucky? Coz the work tat i have now is a shift work. Shift work don't comply with public holiday. SO if they need u to work on public holiday. U will need to come :( or else face loosing ur job soon. So charm. Anyway i'm happy to able to get leave for about 5 days for me to go back to my grandma place and enjoy myself and also to celebrate cny :D. During my stay in my grandma place i think i gain few pound edi. Coz everyday able to eat delicious food ;p.

This time around for cny i didn't do anything much. Just spending most of my time lazying watching commercials cny show on ntv7 (wtfrenchfries.. can u belive there's soooooo much of commercials on ntv7 channel during the cny? if u watch one of the show on ntv7 during the cny u will see few commercial break within 5 min of the show.. is like the ntv7 station main program of the day is commercials :S) and oso other tv station which have lesser commercial with my cousins and relatives. Other then that i was able to spend sometimes playing ping pong with my cousin and not to mention the most important activity is getting ang pow from my parents and relatives :D. Basically tat's how i spend my cny week :D.


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