Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Shiet TaLK

This afternoon i was having a chit chat with afoi over the msn. Then suddenly he said want to go pangsai (pangsai is a hokkien word for wanna go shit). Then i nicely wish him happy shiting using a shit icon. Seems like the shit icon couldn't appear in afoi msn. So there's a little bit of confussion happen during the conversation. Read the conversation below to know more ;)

middle of the chatting...
afoi: go pangsai first
fei: hahaha
fei: okie... enjoylar
fei: enjoy ur [shit icon] (didn't know yet tat afoi can't view the shit icon]
fei: ..ting
afoi: what ting ?
fei: [shit icon]ing
afoi: hahaha
afoi: wtf ?
fei: u say pangsai mah
afoi: then ?
afoi: what abt the ting ?
fei: oh.. it's a full word from [shit icon]
afoi: from what ?
fei: can u see the icon?
afoi: err.. i dun think so
fei: it's shiet (onli now i understand tat afoi couldn't see the shit icon so i use back wording)
fei: happy shieting
afoi: ohh..
fei: u know yan si?
afoi: i cant see your icon "shit"
fei: oic. no wonderlar
afoi: yan si.. u mean.. hold the shit ?
fei: human shiet lar
afoi: ohhh..
fei: hahah.. another converst for u to put inside blog
fei: the shiet talk
fei: hahahahaha
afoi: haha nola.. this time u pout
fei: sure

since afoi ask me to put this conversation into my blog. so here's the whole conversation of it :). hmm wondering how's afoi shitting went ;p


Blogger afoi said...

hahha obviously is a good one.. without much energy, everything goes smoothly.. :P healthy colour also.. bwahahaha

5:50 pm  

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