Thursday, February 03, 2005

No more jia jia BUSY edi. NOW real BUSY

Yesterday was my off day. But didn't post anything coz not feeling well, having a slight fever plus block nose. I think becos eat too much of heaty food edi (bak kut teh, kfc, mc, nasi lemak) and didn't drink enough of water. Today kinda recover edi after taken two panadols, so went to work as usual. Stuck in the jam as usual :<. But best of all! able to reach to work on time edi ;) :D. (U SEE! U SEE! i don't always late lar!! :P)

I have already started my actual work. My training session had already over. So have to start picking up call to provide support :/. Kinda new experiance for me coz for my previous job i wasn't require to pickup much call to provide trouble shooting and normally just handle technical stuff face to face. Very nervous for the 1st time. After awhile of answering call i'm able to get used to it edi. Able to control my nervousness ;). BUt still the nervousness will still be there but not as nervous as the 1st time :D. Btw forget to mention today kinda busy too :P (i wouldn't say much on wat i really do.. so if u wanna know more.. give me a call lar :P)


Blogger afoi said...

good to hear that u're coping well with ya job.. hurray.... next month belanja.. hehe

9:42 am  

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