Thursday, February 03, 2005

Gmail giving out 50 invites????

Just finish up checking my mail in gmail and i notice at the left hand side of the email bar. There's this kinda small squarish box (pls refer to image below). Just wondering was is it? Is gmail now currently giving out 50 invites for gmail user to invite new member? As far as i know normally gmail onli give six invites for it's members. Anyone got the same option?? Pls give ur comment. Thanks :). Okielar time for me to sleep edi. Way over my bed time edi ;p.


Blogger afoi said...

GMail Admin A : *check check* this account looks kinda active.
GMail Admin B : yeah.. kasi steam sikit.. give him 50 invitation!

heh.. i dun have that much i guess.. didn't really see that also

9:39 am  
Blogger fei said...

confirm it's my invites.. just used up 1 ;p.. anyone here need a gmail acc?

6:20 pm  

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