Sunday, January 30, 2005

yes! yes! yes! can sleep late :D

at last it's saturday. noneed to go to work meaning noneed to wake up early. yeah! today it was the nicest day of all. it's becos i was able to sleep late. real late. long time din wake up late. today i woke up around 12pm to take lunch and shower.. then after tat lazy on the bed for awhile and fall asleep until around 6pm woke up and took my shower and went out with the guys (afoi,ben) around 7pm (someone said i was kinda late to fetch them.. sorry lor :P) to have dinner and bowling session. bento was the man of the bowling match he beat afoi in the bowling session.. u all can refer to the score chart found in afoi's blog :) pls click on the link to go to afoi's blog then after tat we went yamcha and meet up with vincester and his gf.


Blogger afoi said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHA good one there !! LoL ... lansi lo........ bowling san

1:30 pm  
Blogger fei said...

yalor.. he can lansi in alot of thing edi.. bowling plus the ms invitation ;p

9:21 pm  

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