Thursday, January 27, 2005

Woo Hooo!

woo hoo! this is my 1st posting in this blog site.. ;)

yeah! dam happy for today coz able to reach to work on time :). yippie! at last after few days of going to work late. this morning i'm able to reach work place early today by half an hour. i have been late for work for about 3 days edi. i have just started my work on monday and currently for this week my work start at 8.30am and for the pass few days i have been reaching my work place around 9 or 9.30am. all thanx to the stupid jam. every morning i took the nkve highway to work and somewhere along the strech of road i have to stuck in the stupid jam for an hour!!! dam sien ar!!!. every morning woke up around 6.30am (or maybe later abit before 7am coz sometimes still lazy on the bed) to prepare myself. then go out from the house around 7.30am.. then dunno why suddenly jam along the highway for about 1 stupid hour just to reach my work place.. dam sienlar. anway will tell more about this later lar.. sleepy edi.. want to go sleep 1st.


Blogger afoi said...

heh! glad to hear that u FINALLY not late anymore... hurray!! hehe

9:02 am  
Blogger mighty bento said...

Guess how long this "punctual" will last....hehhheehhe

10:40 am  
Blogger Dude Vincester said...

eh, you guys, please give him support is hard for him to finally able to be punctual. :P
haiyor...heartless lar...

10:49 am  
Blogger afoi said...

hahah shit u bento... show your support la woei !! wanfei!! have faith in yourself !!! i know you can do it!! i guess..

11:46 am  
Blogger fei said...

oi!! guys! dun lar like lar!! must have faith of me mah!! :)

1:52 pm  

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