Monday, January 31, 2005

Half a day near KLCC

This morning i woke up abit late (dun worry not becos i overslept ;p). Woke up around 7am coz noneed to go to work early :D. Got somewhere else i need to go 1st. Went to a place near klcc there to settle something to do with my job application. I went there together with my new colleague. After reaching my work place to meet up with my colleague (frenz ;)). We departed to klcc by lrt. Then after reaching there we spend some time near KLCC searching for a building named menara TA but end up reaching to a wrong building, named menara TR. We went to the wrong building becos from far.. we saw the building name menara TR name spelled like menara TA, but too bad isn't the building we were looking for. So after awhile of tiring search we successfully located the menara TA building. It was kinda difficult for us to search for the building becos it doesn't have any wording on it except a dark blue logo. Tat look like 7A. How do u expect someone who never been to there to know the building is menara TA.. tok about fesibility and convinient ;p. After settle all the thing.... to be continue later lar ;p

Here's some different angle pics of klcc tat i took while busy searching for the stupid building.

View from the maxis tower side

View from the left tower (kuah!)

View from below to up


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