Friday, January 28, 2005

A day to remember ;)

yeah! i was able to keep it up. wat i mean by tat.. i was able to reach to work on time again :).. woo hoo! yes yes! 2 days on time :).. so wat else can i hope for except hoping tat i'll always able to reach to work on time. anyway.. i always pray to god before i go out from my house tat my journey to work will be a smooth one coz very sien edi with the jam :

today went to work.. did nothing much coz still having my training session. wait! wai! i shouldn't said i did nothing much.. i should said i did "jia jia" busy by msning ;p for awhile with the guys (/gurls) to discuss wat to do later at nite. i think most probably next week will be starting my actual work :< but i do feel kinda excited about it :). hmm just wondering next week will i have a though week? will be hoping nothing much to do ;p but i think this wouldn't happen coz my work will always be busy until the time to go back home .

then after whole day of jia jia busy come the time to go back but too bad before i was able to go back home. i was call up for a meeting then after meeting got a training session.. around
8pm the training session ended. i quickly went to get my car coz edi plan to have a steamboat session with the guys(/gurls) around 7pm and kinda late for it edi ;p. inside my car i started to change the car mode from a standard car to felari car mode. then quickly head towards kepong. here's some rough snap shot of wat i did after tat: fetch afoi ---> fetch ck --> fetch ferleech --> fetch cucumber girl ;p --> steamboat place (rest pulau ketam??) -->after dinner fetch cucumber girl back to house (not feeling well) --> fetch bento from his house (to go snooker) --> fetch ferleech back home (sleepig) --> then the rest went to go play snooker and oso meet up with vincester and his gf. becos of me being late to fetch everyone.. the cucumber girl had to suffer from starvation. i'll like to take this chance to appologize to the cucumber girl.. sorry ar cucumber girl :)


Blogger afoi said...

hahaha cucumber girl?? LOL... guess if she find out..and knew who started on dead meat man... :p

9:12 pm  
Blogger fei said...

hahahaha.. u try to ask cucumber girl to check out the blog then see how's her reaction lor ;p

11:27 pm  
Blogger Dude Vincester said... you are the one who started calling her cucumber girl??

12:22 am  

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