Sunday, January 30, 2005

Be a good boy for a day ;p

today couldn't sleep late :( mum woke me up around 12pm. mum woke me up coz need me to help fetch a relative to go back home from my grandma house (pj) back to her house (kl). i woke up then as usual will lazy on the bed for awhile before i go take my shower and lunch. after tat drove up to my grandama house to fetch a relative and fetch her back to her place in kl. grandma and mum follow along. today traffic along federal highway was kinda good.. smooth flowing except kl area.. traffic jam along the dewan pustaka road. my relative stay somewhere around there (dunno the place name edi :P). after fetching my relative back. my mum suggested to go shopping. mum ask me to fetch her and grandma to kj giant. i fetch them there and become their trolley driver ;p.. after finish shopping.. we go back home :0). so basically did nothing much for today ;p.


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